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Configuring MIME types on web servers

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Configuring MIME types on web servers

With the Standard and above editions, you can play presentations and play lists which has been uploaded to a website.  The reason you may want to do this is so that you can get a Repeat Signage player computer at a remote location to play a hosted presentation and then you can upload a new version to the website when you have made changes, and the remote player will automatically download and play this new version.

This allows you to put the URL of a presentation you have hosted on a website.  For example:

On some websites, your will get a 'Cannot download your chosen file' when you put in the URL of your presentation.  The first thing to do is to paste your URL into your browser such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome and see if it allows you to download the file.  You may get a 404 error.  If the file is definitely at this location then it will usually be that the website server doesn't recognise Repeat Signage presentations (.rsp, .rsl, .rst files) as being known files and refuses to let Internet users download them.

You will need to configure the MIME type for your website.  The person responsible for your website should be able to log onto the website's control panel and configure MIME types from there, or if you have your own servers, then the administrator will be able to add MIME types.

You will need to add the following:

File extension MIME type Repeat Signage file type
.rsp application/x-rsp Repeat Signage presentation
.rsl application/x-rsl Repeat Signage Lite presentation (used by Standalone edition)
.rspl application/x-rspl Repeat Signage Play List
.rpic application/x-rpic Repeat Picture (a Repeat Signage picture design file)