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Presentation/play list logging screen

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When you create, edit or play a Repeat Signage presentation (or play list), Repeat Signage automatically writes this event to a logging system database table.  This is most useful on player computers where you may need to view what has actually been played and for how long.  This logging screen displays the presentations and play lists you have played.  This defaults to just played presentations 'THIS WEEK' and you can change the drop down boxes as required.

There are two tick boxes that are disabled:

Enable presentation/play list logging

which tells you whether logging is enabled or not and:

Log each presentation change

which tells the system whether or not to log individual presentations when a play list is played.  If you wanted to change either of these, you would have to click on 'Settings' then 'System settings' which may be password protected (if you set up password protection for this system). 

Exporting logs

The export option exports just what is displayed on screen.  So if you want to export a full log, you need to change the 'Period' drop down to 'ALL DATES' first.  Then on the 'Export' menu, click on 'Export to file' and then you can either export as a CSV file, an XML file, or a Repeat CSV file.

Clearing the log

You have to do this in System Settings, which you may have set a password for.  Click on 'Settings' then 'Clear log (in System Settings)' and then use the 'Clear presentation play log' button.