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RSS feed list

Here are a few RSS feeds available on the Internet that you may like in your presentations.  Please read feed terms and conditions on news feeds before using in a public place:

Description Feed URL
World news Visit these pages and right mouse click and copy news feeds you want to use
BBC world news
CBN world news
Australian news lists Visit these pages and right mouse click and copy news feeds you want to use
Daily Telegraph list
The West Australian
UK news  
BBC UK news
US news  
CBN US news news
BBC technology news
BBC business news

NOTE - News feeds that can cause problems

Some news feeds contain HTML (the code that makes up website pages rather than just plain text) plus hyperlinks in it's news item descriptions.  These are designed to display as much as possible on desktop RSS news readers.  The Repeat Signage RSS control is designed to display plain text descriptions as it either scrolls or ticker-tapes news onto the screen.  Repeat Signage will convert the HTML to plain text, but some news feeds go over the top a bit will the HTML and include tables and multiple hyperlinks.  This may mean with some news feeds that you will get odd text as when the HTML is removed, Repeat joins the text left over up together. 

An example of this are some of the Google news feeds, for example:

If you click the above link to open the news feed in your browser, you will see the descriptions (the text between <description> and </description> in news items contains HTML tables and loads of hyperlinks. 

Lists of news feeds

BBC news feeds:

Finding news feeds

Just try a Google search on 'rss feeds', 'your-country news feeds', etc.

Creating RSS feeds free with

You can create a free account and this will allow you to create and host RSS feeds on the Internet free of charge.  This is a free service to Repeat Signage customers and evaluators.   We have some YouTube videos below which will help you get started: - Create a free account to create and host RSS feeds - Adding users and setting RSS feed access levels

Create RSS feeds on network drives with the Repeat RSS Manager

The RSS Manager is on the Repeat Signage main screen's utilities menu and allows you to publish RSS feeds to network drive.  See our YouTube video for a demo:

Repeat RSS Feed Manager - Create RSS feeds for publishing to network drives

A note about news feed availability

There are periods when news feeds are not available, due to the massive demand on these public feeds.  Repeat Signage caches the last downloaded feed file and will display this instead.  You are advised to set the refresh to every 30 minutes for public feeds, so if the feed is not available then it will be collected on the next try.  Double click your RSS control and look at the 'Refresh' tab.   The load time of Repeat Signage presentations can sometimes be delayed whilst it is trying to collect feed and other information from the Internet during the load.

Your suggestions

If you have any suggestions for news feeds that you would like to see listed here, then please email   We would be interested in knowing the best news feeds in the Ireland, the US, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and Australia to add to this list.