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Using remote control software with Repeat Signage


The following remote control software has been tested with Repeat Signage:



Software Website Compatible with Repeat Signage Price
LogMeIn Yes, including multiple monitors This is no longer free. 
Remote Desktop No - See notes below Not compatible with Repeat Signage
Real VNC Yes, including multiple monitors Free trial of paid-for versions
Symantec PCAnywhere  Yes, including multiple monitors Paid for licence. Website is now Broadcom.Com
TeamViewer  Yes Free version plus paid-for versions. is an online service that lets you connect and view/control any computer with Internet access.  There are several paid-for versions. 


On first test we did, we had it up and running, free of charge, in 10 minutes.  What we also liked about this was that there was no Internet router configuration to do.  With some products, we had to use port forwarding on the remote site's router in order to be able to make a connection.


This product shows one monitor at a time.  If you are connecting to a signage computer with multiple monitors, then you will have to switch between monitors.  Not really an issue though.


The only downside with the product, is that if your network doesn't have (or doesn't allow) Internet connections, then this won't work and you would need to consider other software such as RealVNC, Symantec PCAnywhere, or other remote control software.


We have tested this with Windows 8.  This software is no longer free.




This works well over an internal network, without an Internet connection.  However, we found this hard to get set up.   It should just be a case of installing on each computer and configuring the server (host) software on the machines you are connecting to.  You use the internal network IP address to connect to the server (host) computers.


Shows all the monitors attached to the system at the same time in a scrollable window.


Symantec PCAnywhere (now BroadCom


This works really well over an internal network, without Internet connection.  You would need to purchase a licence for each host machine, i.e. computers that you are connecting to.   Fairly straight forward to setup and you connect to the client machines using their internal network IP address.


Shows all the monitors attached to the system at the same time in a scrollable window.




We tested this with the free version with a single monitor but there is full support for multiple monitors.  Remote control worked very well. 


This is free for non-commercial use.


Windows Remote Desktop - NOT compatible with Repeat Signage


Unfortunately this is not compatible with Repeat Signage for several reasons.  When you make a remote desktop connection, it logs the remote machine off so and the remote machine just displays a Windows logon screen.  If the remote machine was a computer in a reception area displaying digital signage content to visitors, then the visitors would just be looking at a Windows logon prompt, which is not what you want.   Then when you log off the remote computer, then they are still left with the logon screen.  Also, when you connect through to the remote machine, it is using the screen resolution of the computer you are using to connect to it, which is not ideal and has an effect on Repeat Signage.  Multiple monitor support is also only available on some of the higher end versions of Windows. 



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