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Repeat Signage system cache

Repeat Signage allows you to download and use content files, such as pictures and videos, from Internet websites and Internet FTP sites.  In order to be able to display these files,  they are downloaded to the computers' hard drive first and put in the Repeat Signage system cache.  Presentations can then use these files.  In some presentations, you may use the same downloaded picture in several controls, so having a single downloaded picture file rather than several saves downloading the same file several times.

The system cache is on your computers local hard disk, the c: drive, by default.  This gives Repeat Signage the fastest access to pictures, videos, etc, for playing them.  When you use a file on a network drive, Repeat Signage first downloads this file to the system cache on your hard disk first.  This is so that large video files play consistently from your c: drive rather than slower over the network.  Also, if your network connection drops, or the server goes down, Repeat Signage will continue playing the file from the cache without interruption.  Same goes for files from websites.  The file is downloaded from the Internet and played and then Repeat Signage periodically checks if the original file has changed and downloads and plays that for you instead.

In Repeat Signage Standard and above editions, presentations and play lists can also be downloaded and played from network drives or Internet websites.  These are also put in the system cache.  Again, new versions of files are automatically detected and the latest versions are downloaded to the system cache.

Changing the location of the system cache

You can change the location of the system cache, but this is not recommended.  If you do change the location, then make sure this is on a local hard disk.  A good reason for changing it would be for lack of space on a computer's c: drive and you use another local hard disk drive instead.  It is not recommended moving the cache onto a network drive, but this can be done.   If you do put the cache on a network drive, then please try to avoid using large video files in the presentations as the performance will be poor.   See Running Repeat Signage from network drives.

Viewing the contents of the system cache

On the main Repeat Signage menu, click on 'Tools' then 'Repeat Signage system cache' then 'View system cache'.

Clearing the contents of the system cache

On the main Repeat Signage menu, click on 'Tools' then 'Repeat Signage system cache' then 'Clear system cache'.  You should not do this if you have any other copies of Repeat Signage running.