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Repeat Signage save a website page image to a picture file

This tool allows you to enter the URL of a website page (or browse and find one) and then you can use the 'Save' button to save the entire page to a picture file.  This can be useful to collect images of website pages and then use can use the Picture control to display them in Repeat Signage.  One advantage of this is that you don't need an active internet connection to display a website page, like you would with our WebBrowser control.  You can also use this tool to collect website page images that you can use in other picture editing or design software.

Please note that is doesn't work with all website pages and sometimes ones with dynamic content have the dynamic content missing.

The preview button displays the website page image in the preview box.  For example:

Save screen with preview of

You will see from the preview that the entire website page is shown, not just the visible are that you normally see in your browser windows.  These images can be very long.

Use the 'Save' button to save the image.  You can choose a file name by typing one in or us the browser button instead.  The picture in this case created:

An example of saved webpage in picture form

Picture file formats

For the best quality image, then use PNG format.  However, the files it creates are around 5 times larger than if you use JPEG instead.  JPEG images are recommended for use with Repeat Signage for speed, but if you need the best quality possible, or have very high resolution screens, then use PNG.

Licence and usage

This is a free tool and you can use it for any purpose.  Please remember that an image of someone else's website page will be covered by copyright laws.

The evaluation version of Repeat Signage never expires, so this tool, and the others on the Repeat Signage 'Free tools' menu can be used free forever.