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Windows Embedded support

Windows Embedded is customised by PC manufacturers and shipped with their computers to provide low cost hardware solutions.   Many manufacturers make their Windows Embedded images read-only so that any changes made to Windows Embedded are lost on restarting the computer.  This is often used for thin client machines.  Repeat Signage has been tested on two versions of Windows embedded with standard configurations and NOT write protected:

Windows Embedded 2009

This is actually a cut down version of Windows XP SP3 and ships with Internet Explorer 7.   Repeat Signage works without problems but there are a few known issues with Windows XP which also affect Windows Embedded 2009. This is mainly due to Repeat Signage using Internet Explorer to display website pages and website pages designed purely for HTML5 will not work with Internet Explorer 7.  See Windows XP support for further information.

Adobe Flash Player is required to display our Flash based controls.  Use this direct download link to install Flash:

Windows Embedded 7 Standard

This is a cut down version of Windows 7.  On testing, we found no differences to normal Windows 7 with regard to Repeat Signage.   Repeat Signage worked without any problems.

Other versions of Windows Embedded

We have not tested on Windows Embedded 8 or Windows Embedded XP SP2.  See the Microsoft help page for more information on Windows Embedded versions: