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Windows XP support

Repeat Signage V4 will work with Windows XP Service Pack 3.  However, some of the new features of Repeat Signage V4 unfortunately are not supported due to technical reasons:

- Our Animated gif control now also supports SVG files.   These will display in Windows XP but you need to use the Adobe SVG Viewer.  Usually the first time you insert an SVG file, it will prompt you to accept the Adobe SVG Viewer terms and conditions and then will just display after that.   You cannot use background pictures on SVG files with Windows XP.

Known general issues with Windows XP

- Browser support - Windows XP uses Internet Explorer 8, which Repeat Signage uses in the background to display website pages and for other purposes.  Our Web browser control uses this to display website pages.   Most websites use fall back mechanisms to display website pages to older browsers.  Internet Explorer 8 does not support HTML5.

- Our Flash video control has an "HTML5 PLAYER 01" option.  This uses HTML5 to display MP4 video files.  Because we are using HTML5 this will only work with Internet Explorer 9 and above, so is unfortunately not available to Windows XP users. 

- Transparency - Our Text label control supports transparent backgrounds.  On some Windows XP machines, transparency is not supported and the text will be displayed as a solid black box instead.

- Windows Media Player, used by our Video control is on version 11.  We would recommend using our Flash video control instead.

- There are only basic voices available if you use Text-to-speech for applications like patient call.