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Running Repeat Signage from network drives

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Running Repeat Signage from network drives

Playing files from a network drive    - Recommended
Running RepeatSignage.exe from a network drive - Not recommended

Repeat Signage is ideally run from the hard drive of a computer, normally the c: drive.  When content files such as pictures, videos and PDF files are inserted into presentations from network drives and Internet websites, they are downloaded to the system cache, which is also on the c: drive.  This means that network files content files (pictures, videos, etc) are copied locally first, so that they are always available to be played in case your network connection is lost.  Also, because the file isn't being played from the network drive, this gives a high degree of stability and means that the network files can be changed whist playing.  Repeat Signage will download and play new versions of files from networks when the content files (pictures, videos, etc) when updated (you have to edit the control's properties and change the settings on the 'Refresh' tab to do this).

Because, of this, if you install Repeat Signage to a network drive and run the RepeatSignage.exe file from there, then the files will be cached by default on the network drive.  This means that it takes longer to load and play files and content.  Files such as videos (especial HD videos) will not play smoothly.

We therefore do not recommend running the RepeatSignage.exe file from a network drive.  If you do decide to run Repeat Signage from a network, then avoid using large video files in presentations as this will give poor performance over the network.  Presentations displaying pictures, text, etc, will display without a problem. 

Viewing the Repeat Signage help file from a network drive - "Navigation to the webpage was cancelled" error

Because of security software built into Windows, you cannot run help files from network drives and you will see the message "Navigation to the webpage was canceled" within help files if you do.