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Activate software screen  

You can use this screen to activate a full purchased version of this software.  Activation ties your serial number to a specify computer.  If you need to move your software to another computer, you will need to use the deactivate software option from the Help menu on the main screen.

When you purchase any edition, you will receive a serial number that will allow you to activate the software.  This gives you a licence to play presentations and play lists without trial version messages being displayed.  Designing presentations can be done on a trial version of the software and you just need a licence for computers playing your presentations.

For example, you may want to have a computer displaying your presentations in a reception area.  However, the person responsible for updating the presentations may be located in an office elsewhere in your building.  You will need 1 licence for the reception computer, but the person updating the presentations in the office will only need the free trial version to update the presentation.  A computer network drive could then be used so that the office computer updates the content to be played on the network drive and then player in reception reads these content files for playing. 

Activating the trial over the Internet

STEP 1 - Make sure you have an active Internet connection

STEP 2 - Select 'Activate over the Internet'.

STEP 3 - Enter your serial number and click on the 'Activate over the Internet' button.  This will connect to our server and either confirms activation or gives you an error message.

If you have any problems with activation, then please email along with the error message.

Activation manually

STEP 1 - Select 'Activate manually (no Internet connection)'.

STEP 2 - Enter your serial number and click on the 'Generate' button.  This will put you an activation request code in the box.  It will look something like:


STEP 3 - Either click on the 'Copy' button to copy this code along with the website address of where it need taking to, or click on 'Save to file' to create a text file on disk of the same information.  For example, you can create this on a USB key ring drive.

STEP 4 - Take your activation request code and visit on a machine with Internet access to generate an activation code.   Follow the instructions on this page to generate an activation code.  This activation code is specific to the machine you created the activation request code for.  Your activation code will look something like:


STEP 5 - Take the activation code back to the original machine.  You will then need to go back to the 'Activate software' screen you were on.  Select 'Activate manually (no Internet connection)'. 

STEP 6 - You will now see a 'Enter activation code' tab at the top of the page.  Click on this.

STEP 7 - Copy your activation code into the box and click on 'Activate'.   Your software will be activated.

If you have any problems with activation, then please email along with the error message.