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Add new FTP connection

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Add new FTP connection

This allows you to add FTP site records for use in Repeat Signage presentations.  There are two options:

Create FTP connection for just this presentation

You can use this to add an FTP site record for just this presentation.  Only this presentation will use this.  Click on the 'Add' button.  You can use the help on the 'New FTP site record' screen to guide you though the information needed to add the site.

Please note that the connection information, except the FTP password will be viewable by any person editing this presentation.  We advice you to add a password to the presentation so that non of the FTP connection information can be seen by people without the presentation password.

Select FTP connection from this system's FTP connections

You can add a list of FTP sites that you will use for your presentations onto this system in the Setting option on the main Repeat Signage screen.  These are then available to anyone who is creating presentations on this system.  A copy is made of a system FTP record.  If an admin password has been set on this system, then only a user with the admin password can edit this FTP connection record.  This facility was designed for IT Managers who may want to allow presentation designers to use an organisations FTP sites, but doesn't want to share FTP connection information for security.  Without the admin password (assuming one has been set), a user will not be able to see the FTP connection record with username and password details.