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Options on this tab


Target picture format - You can either specify to keep the same format at the original file, for example a .gif will output as a .gif and a .jpg will output as a .jpg.  You may need to specify a particular format for your files such as JPEG.  JPEG allows copyright information to be added to file properties.

Optional file output prefix - You can add a prefix to your resized images.  For example, a file called Picture1.jpg could have the word 'New' prefixed to it which would output as NewPicture1.jpg.

Suffix type - A suffix is added to the end of a file.  You can either specify text or you have the option of adding the resolution to the end of the file such as -800x600.

Keep file properties (EXIF information) for JPEG and TIF files - JPEG files, which are used by many compact digital cameras,  allow extra information to be saved along with the image.  This includes information on the camera settings when the image was taken such as exposure time, ISO speed etc, and also copyright information.  If you right mouse click an image file in Windows Explorers and go to the details tab, you will see this information:

Windows file properties for an image file

By ticking the 'Keep file properties' tick box then this information is copied to the resized image.