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Change program date/time for play list testing screen

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Change program date/time for play list testing screen  

Most Repeat Signage controls (pictures, text, video, audio, PDF, etc) allow you to use playlists.  The different types are PLAYLIST, HOURLY, DAILY and WEEKLY.  PLAYLIST just revolves a list of items, such as pictures starting when the presentation is played.  However, HOURLY, DAILY and WEEKLY schedule pictures, etc, based on the current day of the week and time. 

For example, you may have a restaurant and use a picture control in DAILY mode to display different menu images depending on the time of the day.  A picture of a full English breakfast could be displayed between 8am and 11am, a picture of lunch sandwiches between 11am and 3pm and a picture of steak and chips from 3pm till 11pm.  You can schedule the 3 pictures to change to the correct ones automatically.  However, if you play the presentation you are just going to see the appropriate pictures for the current time of day.  You may want to test how these look at different times of the day.  The 'Change program date/time' option can be used to set the program's date and time to a particular point.  For example, you could set it to 10:59:30 (10:59am and 30 seconds) so that you can see the breakfast picture and as you watch the time change on the status at the bottom of the menu change from 10:59:59 to 11:00:00 you will be able to see it change to the lunchtime picture.  It if doesn't then you have probably typed the wrong time in.

This is useful for testing as you will not then need to change your computer's system date.  This can cause havoc if you move your system date/time forwards or backwards and then forget about it.  You may be looking at the Windows clock saying 4.30pm when it is really another time.