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Choose colour buttons

When you click on a 'Choose' button next to a colour, it displays the 'Choose colour' screen.  The types of colour available depends on the particular control.  Some options allow just a single colour to be selected, or a gradient colour (two colours are selected and then Repeat Signage blends these).

Repeat Signage colour system

Repeat Signage uses the RGB system whereby every colour is created using different values for Red, Green and Blue.  You can use the Choose button to select colours, type in the RGB values of known colours or use the 'Choose colour from picture' button.  The 'Choose colour from picture' button allows you to load a picture, for example a company logo, and then click on a pixel of the image that contains the colour you want.  You can also use this button to copy the contents of the Windows clipboard after using the print screen keyboard button to capture images from Windows programs (click on 'Choose colour from picture' then press F1 on that screen for more information).
There are 3 types of colours you can choose using this screen, however some may not be displayed depending on the item you are choosing a colour for:

Solid colour

Select a single colour.  

Gradient colour

Choose a high and low colour and then you end up with a gradual changing of the colour between the top and bottom.  You can choose one of the gradient modes:

Forward diagonal
Backward diagonal

which is the direction of the colour change.


There are a number of patterns you can choose by selecting 'PATTERN' and scrolling down the pattern scroll box.  Clicking on a pattern gives you a preview in the preview box.