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THIS HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED - Microsoft removed support for Flash in Windows at the end of 2020.


Video control

The video control is used to play .MP4 video files on screen along with the accompanying audio.  There is also the option to mute videos using the Audio tab on the control properties page.  Muting audio can be useful when you have several videos playing on the same page and the audio of each playing at the same time.  You could mute all the videos and then play a separate audio file using the audio control instead to give a nicer effect.

A video file has a resolution, such as 640x480 pixels.  Try to make sure that when you size a video control that you do not make your control bigger otherwise you may get a poorer quality of image.   

Converting other video formats to .MP4 video files

There are many free and paid for video conversion software packages on the Internet.  Repeat Signage doesn't recommend any links, but a search 'convert video to .MP4, displays many free and paid for options.