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Recurring task screen

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Recurring task screen


This only appears for schedule types of WEEKLY and DATES.  With a schedule type of WEEKLY this allows you to schedule a task that happens either every day or on specific days of the week.  With a schedule type of DATES, you can use the Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly radio buttons to schedule this presentation to be shown at these intervals.  You can also use the 'Range of recurrence' area.  This can save time on data entry.


Task time area - This just shows you the start, end and duration time of the task.  You can alter this on the previous screen.


Daily - Checking this box allows you to either specify the presentation is played every 1 day, i.e. every day, or a number of days, or every week day (Monday to Friday).


Weekly - Tick the days of the week you want the presentation to play on.  The 'Recur every 1 week' box allows this to be every week (1 week) or a number of weeks.


Monthly - With 'Day' selected you can specify this task to be played on a particular day, such as the 1st of each month.  The 'the' option gives you a few more options.


Yearly - Specify a particular day for this task for that it plays it every year.  This is useful for holidays such as Christmas.


Range of recurrence area - Specify start and end dates for this recurring task.