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Deactivate software screen  

When you purchase Repeat Signage software, you receive a serial number that allows you to activate the software on a computer.  Activation ties your serial number to that specify computer.  If you need to move your software to another machine, you will first need to deactivate the software from the original machine.  

Deactivating Repeat Signage over the Internet

STEP 1 - Make sure you have an active Internet connection

STEP 2 - Select 'Deactivate over the Internet'.

STEP 3 - Enter your serial number and click on the 'Deactivate over the Internet' button.  This will connect to our server and either confirms deactivation or gives you an error message.

If you have any problems with deactivation, then please email along with the error message.  You will be able to activate your software on another computer immediately on successful deactivation.

Deactivation manually

STEP 1 - Select 'Deactivate manually (no Internet connection)'.

STEP 2 - Click on the 'Deactivate' button.  This will confirm you want to deactivate this software, as the licence is removed immediately.  Click on Yes if you are happy to continue.  This will put you an deactivation request code in the box.  It will look something like:


STEP 3 - Either click on the 'Copy' button to copy this code along with the website address of where it need taking to, or click on 'Save to file' to create a text file on disk of the same information.  For example, you can create this on a USB key ring drive.

STEP 4 - Take your deactivation request code and visit on a machine with Internet access to complete deactivation with our activation server.  Only then will you be able to activation this software on another machine.

If you have any problems with deactivation, then please email along with the error message.

What if I lose my deactivation code

On the main Repeat Signage screen's menu, click on 'Help' then 'Show last deactivation code'.  You can then take this to on a machine with Internet access to complete deactivation.