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Export options

You will see a preview of your Repeat Picture in the preview area.  Use the 'Browse' button to select a folder and type in a filename, or type this in manually.  You can then use the 'Export' button to create you picture file.


Target picture format - This gives you the common picture formats such as PNG, GIF, JPEG, etc.  We recommend you use PNG for Repeat Pictures that have text as they generates very clear text and is a compressed image format so the final files size is relatively small.   JPEG is also a good option especially as it creates very small files when photograph images are used.   GIF files are limited to 16 colours so your final images may look poor.  Both PNG and JPEG can be inserted into website pages. 

Final image size - This is the final number of pixels your image file will have.  This defaults to whatever resolution you created your Repeat Picture at.  You can scale this down or up.  If you Repeat Picture uses Text Labels or Text Block controls and scale an image up, then text is automatically scaled up for you so that the final image is clear.  Pictures, spreadsheet grids, etc, will also scale up.  If the original picture files used as low-resolution (have a small number of pixels) then the final image may loose some quality.

Keep aspect ratio - This is the shape of the picture.  For example, if you created your Repeat Picture at 100x100 pixels, then the shape of the picture is square.  If you then export your picture at 500x500 pixels, the shape is still square and the final exported picture will look the same.  However, if you exported at 100x50 pixels, then you can changing the shape and the final image will look stretched instead.

Preview after export - There are two preview options.  'Default picture viewer' opens you picture if whatever Windows has for the default picture viewer for your exported file type.  If you exported file is JPEG then this may be Windows Picture Viewer.  If you used 'Repeat picture viewer' then the built in Repeat viewer will be used instead.

Overwrite if file exists - If you are exported to a file that already exists, if you tick this box you are not prompted whether to overwrite the file or not.