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Get website page or file screen

This screen allows you to choose a website page or a file (such as a picture file) from an Internet or intranet (internal organisation) website.

Simply type in a URL (website address), such as, or copy and paste one from your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, etc).

Copyright information

See our Copyright information page for more details.

Picture control - Selecting an image from a website page

With the picture control, this screen allows you to visit a website page and then Repeat Signage will download all the images from that page (Repeat Signage can on most websites but not all)   The images will then be displayed in a panel at the bottom of the screen for you to select one.  Putting your mouse over a downloaded image will show you it's properties such as size in pixels.  When you have the one you want then click on the 'OK' button to return to the previous screen.

Don't forget that the main idea of allowing a picture to be selected from a website, is so that you can tell Repeat Signage to download a new version when one becomes available.  For example, you or a graphic designer may create an image of a daily special offer.  You can then change the refresh settings on your picture control to check for an updated picture every 5 minutes (for example).  When a new daily offer is available, you or your graphic designer uploads a new image to your website and Repeat Signage will automatically download and display that one instead.   If you don't have the internal skills to do this, then find a website design and hosting company (or the company that does your organisation's website) to do this for you.

Problems on some web servers with Repeat Signage file types

You may be using this screen to select a Repeat Signage presentation (.rsp) file or another Repeat file from your website.  Please note that if you put play lists or presentation on some websites, the website will need a MIME type configuring otherwise you may get a 'Cannot download your chosen file' message.