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Internet connection test screen

Some organisations have computer networks that use proxy servers which act as a intermediary between your computer and the Internet.  This can sometimes stop Repeat Signage from accessing some files from the Internet.   In most cases, if Internet Explorer has had the proxy server settings entered, then Repeat Signage will just use these as the default settings.  If not then proxy server settings will need to be inputted in order to work.  You will need to speak with your IT Department to get the correct settings.

You can use this page to test your Internet connection if you have had difficulties in access files such as RSS feeds. 

Start by opening Internet Explorer and make sure you can access the Internet.  The on this screen, click on the 'Test Internet connection' button.  If you are getting failures, then and your network requires them, you will need to click on the 'Change proxy settings' button and input these details. Speak to the IT Department about this.  When these are entered then you can use the 'Test Internet connection' button again. 

If you still have problems, then please email with the failure messages for further help.

Copy result button - You can use this button after running a test to copy the result into memory so that you can then paste this into an email for our support team.

Test connection - This is only enabled if you have entered a email address and password under System Settings.