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You will need one licence for every computer that is playing Repeat Signage presentations.  For example, you have a computer in your reception area attached to a large display screen and this is playing a Repeat Signage presentation welcoming visitors.   You will need one Repeat Signage licence.  You may be designing and updating the reception presentation from another office computer via your network but you do NOT need a licence to do this.  On the updating computer, simply download the Repeat Signage evaluation version and use that instead.  The only difference between the evaluation and a licenced version is that do not see a ghosted evaluation image over your presentation after playing it for 10 minutes.

Take a look at the following PDF diagram to see how to use Repeat Signage Standard (and above editions) over a network and at the bottom of this diagram it showing you how many licences would be needed:

Single monitor and quad monitor support and licensing

The Standalone, Standard and Corporate editions only supports 1 monitor, landscape or portrait.  A licence is needed for each Windows computer playing content onto one display screen.

The Media Wall edition supports up to 4 monitors and is ideal for easily creating videos walls. It allows individual content to be displayed on each screen or content across all 4 screens. 

Saving money on licencing and computers

In a hotel, for example, you may want to display the same presentation is multiple locations, such as a bar, reception and function room.  The point here is the SAME presentation.  Instead of having:

3 x Repeat Signage licences
3 x Windows computers for playing Repeat Signage on
3 x Large LCD monitors

you could use:

1 x Repeat Signage Media Wall licence
1 x Windows computer for playing Repeat Signage on (you will need a monitor attached so you can see what is happening)
3 x Large LCD monitors / display screens

To display different presentations on 2, 3 or 4 display screens, either across all screens or each screen showing a different presentation, then a Repeat Signage Media Wall licence will allow you to connect 1 Windows PC to 2, 3 or 4 screen video wall in landscape (ideal for digital menuboards) or portrait (ideal for fashion and retail).