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You need to create one or more presentations before you use play lists.  Play lists allow you to choose when to display presentations, or simply select a number of presentations and have them look around.  A single play list can be created for all your Repeat Signage player computers.   Playlists can play local presentation on your computer or network drives.  You can upload your play list to your website or and point player computers at it from anywhere in the world to download and play your play list and presentations.  Each player computer will need Internet access to do this.

See Play lists and play list types for more information.

Creating and editing play lists

Use the 'Create new play list' and 'Open play list buttons'.  Once you have a play list open, then use the F1 key on your keyboard to display details help on playlists.  When your play list is open the help page on the play list screen gives comprehensive information on scheduling presentations.

Tutorial pages

There is a basic tutorial inside this help file to help you get started with play lists:


Creating your first play list

Playing your first play list

Playing your first play list when Windows starts


YouTube videos


Standard play lists in Repeat Signage

Hourly play lists in Repeat Signage

Daily, weekly and dates play lists in Repeat Signage

Starting a Repeat Signage play list at Windows Startup in Repeat Signage

Play from (Standard and above editions) is our free service to facilitate the remote updating of presentations and play lists (and content such as pictures, text, etc) so that you can control what is displayed on remote computers anywhere in the world via the Internet.  See for more information.

You must set up a free account before you can access this button to play playlist files hosted at

Upload to

This option allows you to update play lists, presentations and other files to

Playing play lists from a website (Standard and above editions)

This allows you to put the URL of a play list you have hosted on a website.  For example, these are four different play lists hosted on our website:

Each of these play lists contains a list of presentations to play at specific times, but each presentation is also hosted at, so Repeat Signage will download and play these presentations automatically. 

With the Standard and above editions, you can play a play list which has been uploaded to a website.  The reason you may want to do this is so that you can get a Repeat Signage Player at a remote location to play a hosted play list and then you can upload a new version to the website when you have made changes, and the remote player will automatically download and play this new version.

Please note that if you put play lists or presentation on some websites, the website will need a MIME type configuring otherwise you may get a 'Cannot download your chosen file' message.

Video tutorials for Repeat Signage
The best way to get started is to use the video tutorials available at our website that will very quickly get you started with Repeat Signage.  To access these, please visit:

Getting help on any screen in Repeat Signage

Each screen (and tabs within screens) in Repeat Signage has 'Press F1 for help' at the bottom of the screen.  You can click this link to bring up help or press the F1 key on your keyboard.  This will always give you help specifically for the screen or the tab you are currently on.