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Repeat Signage digital signage software

Welcome to Repeat Signage V5.  The Welcome tab is your starting point and lists your main options.  Please click on the 'Getting started' button if this is your presentation look at Repeat Signage.

Select version to trial box

This appears if you have downloaded and installed the trial version.  You can select to trial any of the current versions of the software.  Different options are activated when trialing in different modes.  For example, in the Standalone version, you can only play .rsl (for the Standalone edition) files and when you edit these they do not have access to the same features as Standard and above edition presentations.  See Repeat Signage editions for the differences in functionality and visit for current pricing differences.



This is the first place to start.  You need to design a presentation or presentations to display.  

Play lists

Play lists are lists of presentations and when to play them.  These are useful when you want to display different at different times of the day, or rotate presentations. is our free service that allows the creation of RSS news feeds for use in Repeat Signage.  It also facilitates the remote updating of presentations and play lists (and content such as pictures, text, etc) so that you can control what is displayed on remote computers anywhere in the world via the Internet.  See for more information.

Getting started

Gives links to tutorial help pages and online videos.

Tutorial pages

There is a basic tutorial inside this help file to help you get started:


Creating your first presentation

Playing your first presentation

Playing your first presentation when Windows starts


Creating your first play list

Playing your first play list

Playing your first play list when Windows starts

Video tutorials for Repeat Signage
The best way to get started is to use the video tutorials available at our website that will very quickly get you started with Repeat Signage.  To access these, please visit:

Videos are also available on our Repeat Signage YouTube channel.

Getting help on any screen in Repeat Signage

Each screen (and tabs within screens) in Repeat Signage has 'Press F1 for help' at the bottom of the screen.  You can click this link to bring up help or press the F1 key on your keyboard.  This will always give you help specifically for the screen or the tab you are currently on.