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Screen pixel resolutions

A computer screen's image is made up of a large number of pixels. For example, many desktop monitors have 1280 x 1024 pixels. You should design your presentations to an exact pixel resolution, so you have total control of how your presentation is displayed. We recommend designing on a monitor that has the same number of pixels as the target screen you will be playing your digital signage presentation on.

Create new presentation - This computer

This screen shows you all the monitors on your computer and the resolutions (number of pixels) for each monitor.  If you have multiple monitors attached to your system, then you can use the tick boxes next to monitors to select one or more screens to design a presentation for. 

If you are designing a presentation for another resolution then change then select 'A screen for another computer' radio button instead.   The help page on that screen will give you more information on designing for other computers.

Create a new presentation from this computer

The above image shows how the select monitor screen looks on a computer with two monitors.  Screen 1 has been ticked and so the presentation will be created for that screen.  You could also tick on screen 2 on its own, or tick both screens.  Ticking box screens would create a new presentation that covered both monitors.  

Create a new presentation from this computer single

The above image shows a computer with 1 monitor.  You can either click 'Create' to create a new presentation for this screen, or choose a screen for another computer instead.

Presentation type

This is either 'STANDARD', 'BASIC' or 'SLIDE'.  In the Standalone Edition of Repeat Signage uses BASIC files as it has restrictions on which controls are available.  Using the 'BASIC' option restricts the Repeat Signage designer to disable options not available.  BASIC produces a '.rsl' file and STANDARD produces a '.rsp' file.   The Corporate and Media Wall editions also uses STANDARD presentations.   See Repeat Signage editions for a comparison of features.

The 'PICTURE' option is used to build Repeat Pictures which are effectively still image presentations or pictures, but can be easily edited later.

Monitors area icons

Open Windows display settings
Open Windows display settings icon - Click this icon to view or change Windows display settings such as changing the number of pixels displayed on screen.  For example, your computer may have a resolution of 1280x1024 pixels but you may be using a projector that has a native resolution of 1024x768 pixels.  If you were designing a PowerPoint presentation for display on this projector, then by changing your computer's resolution to 1024x768 pixels using Windows display settings you would get a perfect quality presentation as you are matching the computer's pixels to the projector's.
Refresh monitors Refresh monitors icon - Click this icon to refresh the list of monitors if you have made any changes using Windows display settings, or have plugged additional monitors into your computer since loading this screen.

Rotating screens to portrait orientation

If you want to rotate a screen to a portrait orientation, please see our landscape and portrait help page.