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Choose clock

Use the list to select a clock, such as 'ROUND CLOCK 01'.  When a clock is selected, then it will be previewed for you and you will see a number of tabs to the right of the clock.  The tabs are different for most clocks and show you your options to customise the clock such as background colours and time zones. 

Occasionally you may click on a clock and not be able to see a preview.  This sometimes happens on the digital clocks if you have the fore and background colours the same, such as white.  Just adjust the colours.

Clock options tabs

Time zone - Most of our clocks have a time zone property which if left on 'DEFAULT SYSTEM TIME'  then it will use your computer's current date and time.  This is used to display the time at other locations in the world.  For example, you may have 3 clocks in your presentation.  One for London, one for Paris and one for New York.

Background - You can specify a solid background colour for most of our clocks. 

Colours - Many of our digital clocks allow you to specify the font colour of the numbers and in some cases the back colour of the clock (which is different to the background).

Fonts - There is a limited number of font available to some digital clocks.  The fonts are contained within the clock file itself so that they will display correctly on any computer, regardless of whether the font is installed or not.

Clock control

For more information on the clock control, then click here.