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Playlist item screen - Play type

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Play type

The options on this screen are dependent on what type of control you are using.  For example, the 'Play until finish' option is only available with the audio or video controls.  The possible options are:

'Play for a set time'

This lets you specify the amount of time a play list item is displayed before moving onto the next item.  For example, you may be using play list items with a picture control to show images every 10 seconds.  You can specify the amount of time this item runs for.  If you put a tick in the 'Use default play duration' tick box, then this takes the amount of time from the Play list tab on the Properties form instead.




NOTE - The following options are only for audio and video files:

'Play until finished'
Audio and video files have running time.  For example, a audio MP3 file may have a running time of 3 minutes 5 seconds.  Play until finished will play the audio or video file for it's complete running time, before moving onto the next play list item.

'Specify part of the video' or 'Specify part of the audio file'
This is for audio or video files.  If an audio MP3 file may have a running time of 3 minutes 5 seconds, you may just want part of this, for example a chorus.  You can set the play from 1 minute 30 second to 2 minutes 35 second for example, so that you are only playing a 35 second section of the song.