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Optional password to edit presentation

You can password protect your presentation file so that it cannot be edited without the password.  It can still be played without the password.

Save content files (such as picture, text, audio and video files) within presentation file.

Content files such as pictures, videos, audio files, etc, need to be present when a presentation is played. You can optionally save all local files into the presentation file, which is useful when sending a presentation to another machine.

The downside to this is that the presentation file may be very large.  It could be hundreds of megabytes if you have HD video content, for example.

Repeat Signage first checks to see if a file exists on the current machine, for example c:\Pictures\picture1.bmp, and if it cannot find that file, it will use the saved content within the presentation file instead.

The 'Also save folder contents if used' option is for when a control, such as the picture control, is displaying the contents of a folder, usually from a network drive.  This option also allows you to include the current contents of that folder, but just the appropriate files (Supported pictures files with the Picture control, etc. 

Target screen size

This is the number of pixels (screen resolution such as 1024x768) of the presentation which is set when the presentation was first created.  You can alter this presentation to another resolution (number of pixels) by changing these numbers. 

If you change the resolution from a smaller to a larger one, for example going from 800x600 pixels to 1024x768 pixels, then Repeat Signage does not move any of the controls (such as pictures, text, etc) above.  When you save it will reload your presentation in the new resolution and you can then update your presentation for the new resolution.

However, if you change the resolution to smaller one, for example going from 1024x768 pixels to 800x600, then Repeat Signage resizes and moves controls as necessary so that they fit within the new resolution.  You will need to the update your presentation manually to get it to look right again.

Background colour or background picture

Click on the 'Choose' button to choose a background colour.  This can be either a solid colour, a gradient colour (two different colour fading into each other) or a colour with patterns.  You can also use put a tick in the 'Use an image instead of a solid font colour' tick box and then browse for a picture file to use as a background to your presentation.

Repeat Pictures (.rpic files) - An easy way to create background images

Repeat Pictures are a picture format that allows you to use pictures, PDF files, documents (MS Word and OpenOffice Writer), text files, RTF files, shapes, as well as manually entered text to create images.  You design still images and then save the file which has a .rpic extension.  See Repeat Pictures for more information.

This is particularly useful for building up background images.  You can insert pictures, manipulate them (such as cropping and resizing) and add text.  Then save the result as a .rpic file, which can be used as a background picture.  However, this doesn't change any of the original picture files.  This then gives you a good background for adding dynamic controls to such as the  Video,  RSS feed,  Banner, Webcam and animated gif controls.  This also means that a complex editable background can be shared between several presentation files as well.