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Control grid description

This allows you to give this control or play list item a friendly name, for when it appears in grids.

Fast designing options for this control (Not available to all controls)

The Repeat Signage Designer allows you to set out your presentation on screen in a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) way.  For example, when you add a video control, the video starts playing so that you can see how it is going to look.  However, if you are designing presentation to spread over a large True HD (1920x1080 pixels) screen and have multiple controls with play lists, then the Repeat Signage Designer will have a lot of work to do keeping all these controls being displayed as well as allowing the adding, editing, resizing, and moving of controls and the designer may become un-responsive if too much is going on.

The options below allow you to turn off some of the designer features to make designing and the data input of play lists faster:

IMPORTANT NOTE - You don't need to turn any of these on unless you are having slowness problems when designing. 

Stop this control refreshing after being resized - When you resize most controls, including Picture and Text Label controls, then when you have finished resizing them, they get refreshed so that they display correctly at the new size.  Now if the control is a Picture control, for example, and uses a play list with dozens of pictures, then this refresh after resizing could takes several seconds to do the refresh.  Putting a tick in this box disables the refresh.  If you want to refresh the control, then just right mouse click it and select the 'Refresh' option.

Stop play list and scrolling when designing - Controls that use play lists or scrolling will update themselves continually.  Turning this off in the designer will speed up your designing.

Fast design mode - Turn off player optimisations when designing - When you play a presentation with the Repeat Signage Player it does things like dynamically resize images in memory before displaying them so that the memory and processor usage are kept to a minimum.  Many of these optimisations are also done in the designer as well which is fine for basic controls, but controls with scrolling or play lists can run a lot slower.  This option turns off some of these features so that the designer has less work to do when setting up and refreshing controls.