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Control properties - Clock tab

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You can change many of the colours and styles of the default clock on this tab:

Second hand, minute hand, hour hand, rim and drop shadow tick boxes

Use the tick boxes to show or hide the hands or rim of your clock control, or to add or remove shadows.  Experiment by un-ticking these and see how the preview changes.

Second hand, minute hand, hour hand, and rim 'Colour' buttons

You can choose a single solid colour for any of these items by clicking on the 'Colour' buttons.

Clock face

The default clock face using gradient colours, i.e. two colours that fade into each other that give depth to the face.  You can also specify a picture as the clock face by clicking ticking 'Use an image instead of a solid colour' tick box and then browsing for a picture file.

Font colour

This is the colour of the numerals on the clock face.  You can also use the 'Font' tab to change the size and type of font used on the numbers. 


If this is left on 'DEFAULT SYSTEM TIME'  then it will use your computer's current date and time.  You can change the time zone to another location.  This is used to display the time at other locations in the world.  For example, you may have 3 clocks in your presentation.  One for London, one for Paris and one for New York.

Numeral type

You have a choice of NONE, NUMBERS or ROMAN (numerals).  Experiment by changing these and see how the preview changes.