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Control properties - Controller play list tab

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Controller play list tab

This is where you set up a play list for all your slave controls.  Before you do this, you need to have other controls, such as pictures, text labels, etc, already on your presentation and have them set up as play lists.  These will be the 'slave controls' of this controller.  Now without using a Controller control then each of the controls will use it's own play list with it's own timings.  However, there are times when you want multiple controls to change at exactly the same time. 

A simple example would be having a Picture control with 10 pictures in it's play list and a Text Label control with 10 pieces of text in it's play list.  When these have been added to your presentation, then on the 'Controls' tab (next to this 'Play list' tab), you can select that you want this controller to use both those controls.  Then on this 'Play list' tab you can use the 'Add' button to add timings.  Click the 'Add' button and put ticks next to all the controls you want to move at this time and then add a timing of say 10 seconds.  What this would mean is that after 10 seconds of playing, this first item would get each of the ticked controls to move to their next play list items.  With the 10 pictures and 10 text label's example, then adding a single line to the playlist, with both controls tick and for 10 seconds, would be that they would change automatically every 10 seconds simultaneously and in sync.

'Do play list timing data input directly on slave controls' tick box

This is a tick box on the 'Controls' tab.  If this has been ticked, then you won't be able to add items to this play list as the controller automatically generates it's play list based on the play list's of the slave controls.