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Touchscreen control has been discontinued.

Keyboard tab

The touch screen part of Repeat Signage is discontinued and there are no keyboard options, or choices of designs at the current time. 

Alternative to using the keyboard control

If this design of keyboard is wrong for your application, then you can use text label controls to add keyboard buttons and arrange them to your own design. Each button can have a click action associated it with it to send keyboard characters to the touch screen area.   To create a letter 'a' button for your keyboard:

- On the designer screen menu, click on 'Insert' then 'Insert text label'
- Type in 'a' in the text box and click on 'OK' to insert your new control onto the screen
- The new control is highlighted and is too long for a keyboard style button, so go to the menu and change the height and width both to 50 pixels
- To make this more like a button, then we are going to change the background colour.  Double click your new control to open the properties
- Click on the 'Colours' tab and in the background colour section, click on the 'Choose' button. 
- Select 'GRADIENT' from the list.  You will see that the gradient is made up of two colours, usually white and black
- Change the black colour to light grey/silver colour by clicking on the 'Choose' button which is next the black colour on the right side of the window.  Now select a light grey colour and click on OK.
- Now we need to set a click action, so click on the 'Click action' tab and change the 'Click action' combo to 'SEND TEXT CAPS SENSITIVE' and then put an 'a' in the 'Text to send' box
- Click on OK.

When you are happy with the button design, then right mouse click and select 'Duplicate' to copy it and then you can modify that button to 'b' and keep going.  Unfortunately, there is no short cut at the moment.