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Information to display

RSS feeds contain a title and description.  You can choose to display either display the TITLE, DESCRIPTION or TITLE AND DESCRIPTION.   If you create your own RSS feeds for your business, you may just want to display a title, rather than splitting information to display into title and description.  News feeds from websites, such as the BBC, will contain both.

News items sort order

An RSS feed will usually have several news items.  Ones from Internet news sites can often have around 100.  You can choose to display the news items by LAST UPDATE TIME, TITLE or DESCRIPTION.  The DESC and ASC is the sort order, i.e. descending or ascending.  Ordering by LAST UPDATE TIME, DESC, will show the newest news items first.

Default play time for items

If you have set the Scroll direction on the 'Scrolling' tab to 'NONE', then you can specify here how long each news item is displayed on screen.

RSS news feeds on the Internet

See our RSS feed list for RSS news website.