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Shape tab

The shape of any control (picture, video, movie, browser, etc) is rectangular by default. You can change this to any of the standard shapes here, for example a circle or triangle. However, you can additionally specify a shape for the contents. For example, you can have a rectangular picture control, but the picture inside can be shaped as a triangle. Setting the background colour of the control to that of the screen background will give a higher quality effect.

Currently available shapes:

Rectangle rounded (the corners are rounded)
Rectangle right rounded
Rectangle left rounded
Rectangle top rounded
Rectangle bottom rounded
Semicircle upside down
Triangle upside down
Triangle to the left
Triangle to the right
Triangle top left corner
Triangle right left corner
Triangle bottom left corner
Triangle bottom right corner
Vertical bars small
Vertical bars large
Small grid
Rectangle bottom right rounded
Rectangle bottom left rounded
Rectangle top right rounded
Rectangle top left rounded