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Control properties - Text colours tab

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Text colours tab

There are 3 text colour modes:

'Font colour and background colour are both solid'

You can specify the font colour and background colour.   If you tick the box 'Use a image instead of solid font colour', you can specify a picture to use instead of a colour.  For example, if you use a picture of white clouds on a blue sky, the text will then be blue and white colours from the picture.

'Font colour is solid and background is transparent'

This is ideal for when you want to put text on top of either a video or picture control.  The background is transparent so you just get the text.

'Font is transparent and background is solid'

This is a nice effect as you see through the writing to whatever control is underneath.  Imagine the word 'Fire' placed on top of a video showing a fire.  The letters would act like a window viewing the moving fire, where as the background would be solid.