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Touchscreen control has been discontinued.

Touch screen surface options

This tab gives you options over how users can interact with the touch screen surface:

Show scroll bars - When you touch screen surface is showing a website page, if that page is too long for the surface, the by default the scroll bars are not show.  Tick this box to show the scroll bars.  This setting depends on the design of your touch screen website

Make touch screen surface read only - If you put a tick in this box, then users will not be able to interact with the displayed website page.  This can be useful if you create a number of 'buttons' (Text label controls or Picture controls) around your touch screen surface and assign click actions to them so when these are touched they take the user to page of information.  This is useful in allowing external site pages on the Internet, such as on news website pages, to be displayed so that they can be viewed but not interacted with.

Zoom percent - The default is 100, which is normal size.  You can change the displayed size of your touch website display size.  This works the same as the Internet Explorer zoom..   For example, you can change this to 200 to double the size and 50 to half the size.

Touch screen general information

See Repeat Signage touch screen presentations overview for information on how this works in Repeat Signage.