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Use background loading check box

When the website page loads it displays the page to the audience.  However you may, for example, want to use the 'Refresh' tab of this web browser control to force a refresh of a website page every minute or ten minutes.  If the website page being displayed hasn't got any audio on it, then you can use this tick box so that the user doesn't see the page being refreshed.

Static website page check box

There are two main modes when using the web browser control, in static web page (tick the Static box) more or normal mode (Static box unticked).  Static web browser mode takes a snapshot picture of the website page as a whole and then allows you to display the entire page smaller so that you can see the entire page.   Because it shrinks the picture of the website page, it can look a little pixelated.  The normal mode is just to display the website as you would see it in Internet Explorer and if there are any videos, animated gifs, or adverts, then these will play.

Browser refresh notice note

Note on browser refresh noise - Internet Explorer has a refresh/navigate sound that is played on refreshing a page or navigating to a new page.  Repeat Signage inherits the same noise.  If you want to disable this noise whilst using Repeat Signage, then you need to open System Settings from the main screen and go to the Player tab.  Put a tick in the 'Disable Internet Explorer web browser refresh noise' tick box and save.  This means that Repeat Signage and Internet Explorer will not play this noise whilst Repeat Signage is loaded.

Note - You have to have a live Internet connection in order to display Internet website pages. 

Zoom percent

You can change the way the website page is displayed by setting the zoom percent.  The default is 100%.  For example changing to 50% makes everything half size and 200% to double the size.  This can be useful when displaying widgets that come at a standard size and you need to make them bigger or smaller.

Note - This doesn't work with the Static website page option.

View combo box

With static pages, you decide how to view the page.  The following options are available:

ALL - The entire website page is stretched to fit the size of your web browser control.  When you return to the main designer screen, and resize the control, it will always show the entire website page.

FIT WIDTH - Resizes the website page so that you can see the entire width of the page, but you may not see all of the height of the page.

FIT HEIGHT - Resizes the website page so that you can see the entire height of the page, but you may not see all of the width of the page.

FIT BOTH - Resizes so that you can see the all the page, but displays part the background colour, or background image, depending on how you size your web browser control.

Display just part of website page

See the Displaying just part of a website page help page for a general overview of how this works.  Then use the 'Select part full screen' button to visually select the part of the website page you want to display.

IMPORTANT NOTE - This doesn't work with the Static page option.