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RSS feed record screen

RSS feeds are basically text files that contain a list of items of news.   Please read out RSS feeds page if you are not sure what RSS is.   Repeat Signage's RSS feed manager is designed for creating basic feeds for use in Repeat Signage presentations. 

Repeat Signage can display RSS news feeds in either RSS 2.0 or Atom 1.0 format.  The Repeat Signage RSS feed manager enables you to create RSS feed files that can then be published to local or network drives so that Repeat Signage player can play them in your presentations.  When you change the contents of your feeds with new news, you are re-publish them and Repeat Signage players can then change the RSS feed on screen to display new news items.

Most of these fields are for use if you were publishing a public RSS feed to add to your website.  Feeds read by Repeat Signage only show the news items and do not show the information on any of the fields below.

The record fields are:

Feed name - This is a friendly name you can allocate to your feed, such as 'INTERNAL NEWS', 'WEBSITE NEWS', 'SCREEN IN RECEPTION', etc, to make it easy to identify different feeds.

File name (.xml/.rss) - An RSS feed is just a text file is a format that an RSS feed reader or the RSS control in Repeat Signage presentations can understand.  Please just put the filename you want to use here, such as News.rss, InternalNews.xml, etc.  The file name must end in either .xml or .rss.  Do not include a path such as 'c:\RSSFeeds\News.rss.  You select a folder, either local, on a network or on an FTP site, by using the 'Browse for location' button.

Title - The title of your feed, such as 'Your company internal news'.

Description- A short description of your feed.

Output format - You can choose either RSS 2.0 or Atom 1.0.  Use RSS 2.0 unless you have any reason to use Atom.

Browse for location - Use this to choose either a local or network location for your feed file to go into, or a folder on an FTP site.

Copyright (optional) - The person who owns the copyright of any of the news on your feed, for example 'Copyright (C) Your Company'. 

Image URL (optional) - An optional image for your feed.  This can be a picture on a website, such as ''.

Synd link (optional) - Syndication link.  This is the final published URL of your feed such as ''. 
Language (optional) - This is the language code for the feed.  Use 'en-gb' for British English or 'en-us' for US English.  Click here fore full list.

Feed items

These are the actual bits of news in the feed.  An example would be:

Title Summary URL
Repeat Signage supports RSS feeds The latest version of Repeat Signage allows the creating and publishing of basic RSS feeds for use in presentations.

The URL (website page name) is used by RSS feed readers so that if you are interested in a news item, then you can click on it to be taken to the URL.  Repeat Signage doesn't use the URL when playing presentations, it displays the title and summary only.

Unicode support for Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Greek and other characters

From version 2.5.8, Repeat Signage now supports Unicode characters such as Chinese characters in the Repeat RSS Feed Manager.  The only restriction is that you cannot use then within the actual file name.  See Unicode support in Repeat digital signage software for more details.