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Repeat CSV files

A Repeat CSV file a custom format created by Repeat Software.  They are essentially the same as CSV files, but have the data column's type added to the field name.  For example, a date field called 'OrderDate' would have a column header of 'OrderDate:DateTime' so that when read by Repeat Signage it knows exactly what the column's data type should be without trying to guess it.  With CSV files, it is difficult at times to distinguish between data types.  For example, if all the rows of column 'OrderDate' were blank, then software reading it would not be able to guess from the CSV file that this is a date field, which may to taken to be text instead.  This has a big impact on writing SQL statements as the syntax is different for date fields as opposed to text fields.

Repeat CSV files (*.rcsv) can be created by viewing an existing database and then exporting a table's data as a Repeat CSV file.  This can be filtered first, so this can be a good way of exporting small amounts of information for use by data based control in presentations playing at remote locations.   The files produced are very small so can be transferred quickly over the Internet.

Repeat CSV files doesn't currently support binary data.