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Repeat FTP Client

This screen is displayed when you connect to an FTP site.  There are several modes to our FTP Client.  For example, from the main Repeat Signage screen, if you open this with FTP Manager, then it will allow you to upload and download files.  This screen is also displayed when Repeat Signage is allowing you to select a file from an FTP site.  This can be something like a picture file, for inclusion in a presentation, or you can use this screen to select a presentation to play from an FTP site.

The Repeat FTP Client is a basic FTP client with enough functionality to allow you to access FTP sites with Repeat Signage.  We would recommend that if you are regularly uploading and download files from FTP sites, that you download and use the free Filezilla program which offers a full range of features.

Unicode support for Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Greek and other characters

From version 2.5.8, Repeat Signage now supports Unicode characters such as Chinese characters.  The only restriction is that you cannot use then within the actual file name.  See Unicode support in Repeat digital signage software for more details.  This FTP Client will display upload and download filenames which do contain Unicode characters and you can also create folder names that contain them.