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Once you have set up a connection to your database (MS Access, XML file, CSV file, ODBC, etc) then you need to select which fields from your database contain the information you want to display.

Title field

Select a field from your database that contains the title or main text to scroll from your database.  If you are using "RSS SCROLLER 01" then this is the only field you need to select.

Description field

If you are using "RSS SCROLLER 02" then you need to also select a description field from this drop down list.

News date field (optional)

You only need to select a date if you want to display the date/time along with the Title field.  This is an option on the 'News items' tab.

Additional notes

Field names in drop down lists

Only appropriate fields names will be displayed in the drop down lists.  For example, Title and Description field drop down lists will just display text fields.  The News date field can only display date/time or text fields.  All other fields, such as numbers, are ignored.

Blank titles and descriptions in records

Any database records that contain no text in the title field will be excluded from playing.  If you have selected "RSS SCROLLER 02", where a description is also required, then again any record without this filled in with also be excluded.

Minimum characters in either the title or description with RSS SCROLLER 01

This option has a minimum number of 3 characters in either the title or description.  If your database record has a title or description smaller than 3, then this record will be excluded.