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Banner playlist tab

There are two types of this page:

BANNER 02 - Play lists of pictures with an optional line of text and multiple transition effects

You can either add a single picture to the playlist or add multiple pictures that will play one after the other and then automatically repeat afterwards.  This is different from the playlist on the main control properties.  The main properties playlist allows you to specify files to be played for specific lengths of times, or allows you to do either hourly, daily or weekly scheduling.  It can be very useful to combine the two.  For example, in a department store window, you may want to show pictures of products plus a picture displaying breakfast information for the cafe inside every morning.  Late morning you may want to show different pictures plus one showing lunch menus in the cafe, etc. 

FADER 01 - Simple high performance fade transitions between pictures for True HD and multiple monitor presentations

This gives a simple high performance fading play list.  It doesn't allow you to enter text like BANNER 02 does.  This was added as if you are viewing full screen pictures on True HD screens (1920x1080) or on multiple screens, then the fading of FADER 01 is gives a better quality of fade especially if you are using older hardware. 

Getting started with 'BANNER 02'

1.  Start by clicking on the 'Add' button and then use the 'Browse' button to find a picture file on your hard disk.  If you have the Standard or above editions, you also have the option of choosing a picture file from a network drive, on, on an website using a URL (, etc), or on an FTP site.

2.  Enter a title for the picture and a description.  These are optional, so if you don't want text next to you picture then just leave them blank. 

3.  Select a transition effect such as 'FADE'.  This is applied when your current picture goes off screen so that the next picture is displayed.

4.  Click on 'OK' to save.  Your picture will be displayed as a line in the playlist.

5.  Repeat steps 1 to 4 which any other pictures you want to display.

6.  Now click on 'OK' and your Banner control will be added to the screen.

7 . Resize and position this control appropriately within your presentation.

8.  Double click your Banner control to change you play list.

Different kinds of 'Add' buttons

Depending on the control type (Picture,  Banner, etc), there are several type of Add buttons for adding new items to the play lists:

Add - This is our traditional add screen that allows you to choose a file from your computer, from an Internet website, from a free account or from an FTP site.  This gives maximum flexibility but only allows you to select a single file at a time, which can make data input a bit slow.

Add from Repeat Server - If you have set up a free account they you can upload files into your account which can then be selected in the Repeat Signage Designer (Standard and above editions).  This opens a screen which allows you to select 1 or more files at once and then return them to your play list.  You can hold your keyboard Ctrl or Shift keys whilst clicking items to select multiple items.

Add from this computer - This allows you to browse for a file or files on your computer, or a network drive.  This allows multi-select so that you can select several files at once.  This allows far quicker data input that our 'Add' button.   You can hold your keyboard Ctrl or Shift keys whilst clicking files to select multiple items.  Note - The order they are added to the grid depends on the current sort order of the browse dialog box.