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Buttons tab

You can display previous and next buttons on your touch screen surface when using the Banner control.  You can specify how the buttons look normally and choose a different button for when the use has their mouse or finger over the button. 

NOTE - To set the position of buttons, then use the 'Touch' tab instead.

By default, we give you 100x50 pixel sized buttons, which are large enough to be pressed with a finger easily.

You can choose to remove the previous, next or both buttons but taking the ticks out of the

Use the 'Choose' buttons be taken to the Touch screen button wizard for each button.  This will give you the option of browsing and using your own button images, or building them up with the Repeat Icons system.  The Repeat Icons system that allows you to combine icons and text to create buttons.  This also includes some template buttons to get you started quickly.  Use the help page on each screen or tab that appears for more help