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Item size tab 

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Item size tab

This is where you can control the size of times on the rotator.  Pictures can be different shapes, i.e. some landscape, some portrait, square, etc.   By keeping the 'Keep image shape' tick box in place, then all pictures will keep their original proportions.

You can set the displayed size of times with 'Item width' and 'Item height', and then use the 'Expand percent' which shows how large the middle image is going to be in relation to the other items.  By default the middle image is 150% larger than the other images, i.e. it is 2.5 times bigger.  If you want the middle image to be the same size as the other pictures, then set this to 0% instead.

Other options on this tab:

Item spacing - The distance in pixels between items.

The 'Display frame around items' puts a frame around each of the pictures displayed.  When ticked you have the following frame options:

Frame width - The width of the frame in pixels. 

Frame alpha - The transparency of the frame.  1 is completely solid and 0.8 is slightly transparent.

Corner radius - If you put in a number greater than 0 then the corners of pictures will appear curved.  

Frame colour - The colour of the frame.