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Page Flipper and Touchscreen has been discontinued.

Page flipper general settings

Delay between page flips - The time in seconds between the changing of the pages.

Flip speed - The animation speed in seconds when the page turns over.

Top and bottom distance - By default, there is a 50 pixel top and bottom margin to this control.  This is so that the page turning effect is seen above and below the 'book' area.   You can alter the defaults if required.  You can colour or set a background image for this area on the 'Background' tab.

Center shadow colour - The shadow in the centre of the control between the pages gives a book effect.  This is black by default but the colour can be changed if required.

Center shadow opacity - How faded the center shadow looks.

Center shadow percentage size - How wide the central shadow looks.

Touch screen options - Additional options if used within a Repeat Signage Touchscreen presentation  Touchscreen has now been discontinued.

There are additional options if using the page flipper in a touch screen presentation.  In the bottom right corner of the right hand page, you will see an triangular area which prompts the user to drag to move to the next page.  When using with a touch screen, you can also drag pages from their edges and the 'Drag distance from edge' option determines how big this drag area is.

Note - To completely remove the bottom corner area, then set the 'Bottom corner opacity' to 0.


Bottom corner colour - The colour of the triangular area.  This appears see-through and faded if the  'Bottom corner opacity' settings is less that 1.

Bottom corner opacity - How faded the bottom corner area is.

Bottom corner spread size - How wide the bottom corner area is.

Corner hook size - The actual touch area size in pixels.  This default to 40 which gives the user a 40x40 pixel touch area to drag the corner to turn the page.

Bottom corner hook - Whether or not animation starts automatically when user touches the bottom corner area.