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RSS general settings

The options displayed on this tab are different for the different RSS types such as RSS SCROLLER 03 and RSS SCROLLER 04.

NOTE - RSS SCROLLER 01 and RSS SCROLLER 02 were removed as the were written in Adobe Flash which is no longer supported by Windows from end of December 2020.


Scroll or animation - There are SCROLL LEFT, FADE, TYPE and SLIDE.  SCROLL LEFT is only available with RSS SCROLLER 03.   When you select one (and have an RSS feed file selected first), then the small preview area will give you an idea of how the feed is displayed for each one.

Transition time - How long it takes for the animation, either type writing, scrolling, fading, or sliding to put the news item on screen.

Bullet shape - The Bullet is the round dot that is displayed before the news item by default with RSS SCROLLER 03.  You can change the shape or remove it here.

Max chars - The maximum characters displayed for the title or description of a news item.   If you have created a design to display RSS new is say a square shaped control, then a really long news item may spoil your design by going outside the box.  Setting the max characters will run the news item short with "..." at the end.

Horizontal centre align - By default, the title and description are displayed on the left side.  You can display them in the middle instead.

Display time - How long a news item is on screen before the next one if shown.  Needs to be long enough for people looking at your screen to