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News item sort order

Most RSS news feeds are automatically sorted with the newest items at the top.   This option allows you to change the sort order if required.  The sort direction option allows ASC (ascending order) and DESC (descending order).

Add date/time to news item title

By default, our RSS control doesn't display the date or times of news items next to them.  This tab allows you to put the news item date or time next to the Title.  This can be useful when news items can go out of date.  With local traffic news feeds, then the time of news items is very important.

Your options are:

NO CHANGES - Dates and times are not added to news items.

PREFIX HEADER WITH DATE/TIME - This puts the date, time or date/time before news item titles. 

SUFFIX HEADER WITH DATE/TIME - This puts the date, time or date/time after news item titles.

With both the PREFIX HEADER WITH DATE/TIME and SUFFIX HEADER WITH DATE/TIME option you also have date/time prefix and suffix fields.  These are so you can add padding between your choose date format and the title.  You will also be able to choose for to format the date/time. 


A news items like:

Date 12/12/2020 09:56AM
Title Christmas is coming
Descriptions This year is will definitely be snowing


Prefix header with date and time
and use the Date/time suffix of " - " then will display the news item above as:

12 December 2020 - Christmas is coming

i.e. if putting the <prefix><date><suffix><title>.   The Culture box is useful when you want the month in words, but in a different language, so if we put es-ES in the Culture box:

Culture box for month in words

you will see that 'December' becomes 'diciembre'. 

Format and culture codes

See Format and culture codes for more information.


Feel free to email us at if you need any help.  We are very customer focused and this News item options tab was added based on customer feedback.  If you have any suggestions for improving our system we are happy to hear from you