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Creating a play list

The spreadsheet control is designed to work with a single spreadsheet.  This can be a 'built-in' one or a separate spreadsheet file.  You may want to display different sheets from your spreadsheet in a play list.  An example of this could be a spreadsheet menu for a restaurant.  You could set up a sheet a drinks menu, a sheet for starters, a sheet for main meals and a sheet for desserts.  You could then display a different sheet, say every 5 seconds, in a loop, so that your entire menu can be displayed on a single digital signage screen.   You would then use this screen to add 4 play list items and select a different sheet per item.  Simply use the 'Add' button to add items to the play list grid.

Default play times

On the 'Spreadsheet' tab, on this screen, there is an option called 'Default delay between play list items' which defaults to 5 seconds.  You can change this to any number of seconds.  When you add play list items, you can optionally choose to have different display times for each play list item.