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Spreadsheet tab

This tab gives you options on how your spreadsheet is displayed.  By default, your spreadsheet is just displayed as a grid.  You can use this tab to turn on or off grid lines, choose which sheet to select, or turn on all the border options so that the spreadsheet sits within a spreadsheet container.

Many of these options allow you to make your spreadsheet look like a spreadsheet by displaying row and column headers, tabs, scroll bars, etc.  By default, these are un-ticked so that your spreadsheet looks like a picture instead.


You have the following options:

Choose sheet and top left cell - If you put a tick in this box, then you can use the 'Choose' sheet drop down list to select which sheet within your spreadsheet to display.  By default, this will display the sheet starting at the top left corner, i.e. call A1.  You can optionally choose a different cell by typing this into the 'Choose top left cell' box. 

Note - This is ignored if you are using the 'Sheet play list' as you specify these for each sheet individually.

Show grid lines - Show or hide the grid lines. 

"Show horizontal scroll bar" and "Show vertical scroll bar"  - These can be used to shows a scroll bars at the right side and bottom of the spreadsheet.  You can't interact with these.  You would only display these if you were trying to make your spreadsheet look like a displayed spreadsheet, rather than a picture.

Show tab bar - This shows a bar at the bottom of your sheet with a list of all the tabs.  This can be useful with the 'Sheet play list' if you want to specifically show users which sheet is currently on screen at any point.

Zoom percent - When you resize your spreadsheet control in the designer, the larger you make the spreadsheet control, then more rows and columns of your spreadsheet will be shown.  However, you may want to display more rows and columns.  You can change the zoom from 100% (the default) to say 50% and your spreadsheet contents will be shown smaller so that you can see more within your spreadsheet control.  You can also set a percent over 100, such as 150%, which will zoom in on the spreadsheet making the contents bigger.

Default delay between play list items - If you use the 'Sheets play list' and add items to the list, this setting is the default time between displaying the sheets.  If you are just displaying a sheet on screen, then this is ignored.

Control border - Change from 'NONE' to one of the other options to display a black border around your spreadsheet control.  The 'STYLE3D' option is good if you are trying to make your spreadsheet look like it is embedded into your presentation.

'Show column headers' and 'Show row headers' - Shows the A, B, C, etc column headers, and the 1, 2, 3, etc, row headers.