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Connecting to your database

The first thing you need to do is to set up a connection to your database.  For example, if this is a Microsoft Access .mdb file, then you start by telling Repeat Signage where it is, for example, 'c:\MyData\Information.mdb' and whether these is a password or not.  Same goes for CSV or XML files, or even Microsoft SQL databases or other database systems via ODBC.  Use the 'Add' button to do this and on the screen that appears then also look at the help these as well.

You database connections can be set up for individual presentations or you can add system ones that are accessible to all your presentations.  If you want to set them up centrally, then you can do this from main Repeat Signage screen by selecting 'Utilities' then 'Data connection manager' from the menu.

Once you have connected to your database, then you are ready to build an SQL statement.

SQL Statement and the SQL wizard

Don't panic if you don't know what an SQL statement is.  SQL is Structured Query Language and is a way of writing down which information from your database you want to display.  Advanced users, such as programmers, may just want to type some in the box.  The rest of us can use the 'SQL wizard' which will walk you through collecting information from your database.  Use the help pages on the wizard screen's tabs to get step by step help with this.

Test button

If you have written your own SQL statement rather than using the SQL wizard, then you can use this button to test your SQL statement to make sure it is returning the correct information.