Repeat Signage V5 help select items screen

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Using this screen

You can select an item or items from this screen to insert into a play list.   If you don't see an item that you know exists in your account, then please use the 'Refresh' button to download the latest content to Repeat Signage. 

You can use the 'Maintenance' option to connect to your account (as long as you have an activate Internet connection) and remove file and even add descriptions next to filenames.  This can be useful when files are named with random characters such as 'DSCN3848.JPG'. 

You can also upload files with the 'Upload files' button.  Click this button viewer on the upload page of your account.  Then use the 'Browse' button to location your files.  The browse option is multi-select so you can use your keyboard 'Ctrl' key to select multiple files.

Selecting multiple items

Hold down the 'Ctrl' key on your keyboard, then click individual items that you want to select.  When finished, release the 'Ctrl' key and click on the 'Select item(s)' button to return your selections to the previous list screen.

You can also hold down the 'Shift' key on your keyboard, then click on the first entry in the list you require and then click on the last entry needed.  All the items between these two points will be highlighted.

Maximizing the screen

You can use the maximizer button in the top right corner of this screen:

Maximizer button

to make this full screen if you have a lot of files in your account.